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The data below is outdated. It's only about JCR5.

For JCR6 this document does not apply! When JCR6 will be ported to different languages this document will be updated.

==== END NOTICE ===

JCR5 is primarily a BlitzMax project, so for full functionality, BlitzMax will probably serve best (as it supports nearly all JCR5 features). Needless to say I'll only maintain the binary tools LJCR, GJCR, XJCR, TJCR and DJCR only in BlitzMax (the executable produced from those files can be downloaded from sourceforge for both MacOS X and Windows), but a reader and creator can be made for other languages as well.

Please note that I'm bound to the possibilities and limitations the language provides. I'm willing to expand this all with more languages, but only when I can get a way to test the code on for free (I'm on a low budget so I simply can't afford to buy all programming languages). Please note that I will need time also to study the language to get a full grip of its possibilities.

Languages that are currently being considered (yet not promised) are: php, Python and Free Pascal (possibly the Free Pascal version may also be compatible with Turbo Pascal and Delphi though I cannot guarantee that).

Here is an overview of features being supported by the languages:

JCR5 language support

GL Basic
Create JCR FileYESNONOPlanned
Read JCR File
Read directlyYESYESYESNO
Extract file to memoryYESYESNOYES (as string)
Extract file to diskYESYESYESYES
Quick extract (swap)YESYESNOYes
Read compressed FATYESNONONO
(Though I'm investigating this possibility)
Read compressed entryYESNONOYES
EncryptionRead note below
Store Dir in memoryYESYESNOYES
Real DirYESNONOPlanned
Lua object for reading JCR filesYES
(Through GALE project)
Available as includeYES
Though you
Available as unit/moduleYESNONOYES
Alias readingThe way this system is set up, makes it available to any reader without having to implement it
Import JCR5 filesYESNONOPlanned
(Last updated Saturday, September 14th, 2013).

When it comes to encryption, it's not yet implemented, and it's the big question if it will. I don't need the feature myself (anymore), but that's a poor excuse. It's not that I'm not up to code an encryption algorithm. I've written a simple (yet powerful) one before (though never released). What I simply don't like is the obligation to subject myself for monitoring by the US government as SourceForge told me I had to. I am not a US civilian. :P
Not implementing this feature voids this obligation. :P

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